Record, Edit, and Publish Your Sermons with Proclaim

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Note: Click here to view a recorded webinar on sermon recording, publishing, and live streaming.

Let your congregation relive your sermon word for word and slide for slide with Proclaim sermon audio recording. It's quick and easy to record your sermon and share it to Logos Sermons, Podcasts, or your church website. Check out our instructional video, or follow the steps below to get started recording and sharing your sermons today!


1. Set up your audio device

Before recording, you may need to configure your audio recording devices. After your device or devices are plugged in, navigate to the Settings menu at the top of the screen and select the Audio tab. Choose your input device and test the playback by recording a quick sample.


2. Add your recording cues

Proclaim lets you choose the sections of your sermon to record and automatically pauses recording outside these sections. When your sermon is complete, you'll be left with a single audio file that includes all of the recorded sections.

To add Start and Stop Recording Cues to your presentation, select the Add Item menu at the top of your screen. Navigate down to the Cues option and select from the available options; these will be added directly into the order of service on the left.


You can have multiple Start and Stop recording cues; Proclaim will start and stop recording appropriately. Just like any other service item, recording cues can be dragged and dropped anywhere in your presentation.


3. Record

Go on air with your sermon and start recording! View your input level feedback on the main screen while you're on air next to the On Air button.


When you navigate to a service item between a start and stop cue, Proclaim will be recording live. Navigating past a stop cue will pause your recording, which will resume again if you pass a start cue. 

Proclaim records your slides right alongside your audio! Anything your audience sees and hears during your sermon will be available as a part of your audio or video recording.

When you go off-air Proclaim will stop the recording and open a window that allows you to edit and publish your sermon.

Note: If you hear something you'll want to remember later, press the "m" key to drop a marker in your recording. Use these orange tick marks reminders to edit out your pastor's cough, or mark the section you'll want to use as a soundbite.


4. Edit your Sermon Recording

Before you publish your sermon, you can still edit the recording and the accompanying information. Upload a cover image, give the sermon a title, and set the speaker who delivered the sermon.

Only want part of your recording? You can trim and publish a single segment or include the whole sermon; anything between the blue arrows will be published. 


Grab a soundbite from your recording that represents your sermon in sixty seconds or less; when you publish your sermon, your congregation can easily recognize each sermon by its soundbite. Just drag the orange arrows to the segment you want to represent your sermon. When you've decided exactly what you want, publish it!


5. Publish your sermon

When you publish your sermon it becomes available on Logos Sermons, iTunes (Windows and versions of macOS before 10.15), Podcasts (macOS 10.15+), and your church website.


You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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