Find and Use Thematic Outlines

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Logos Sermons provides a large library of thematic outlines from Logos. These outlines provide key themes and relevant Scripture verses ready for sermon preparation.

To find a thematic outline:

  1. Perform a search with the Topic/Tag "Thematic Outline." Sermons will suggest common choices as you type. When “Thematic Outline” shows, select it to add it to your search. 

  2. Add keywords, Bible passages, and topics or tags to your search. As you add Bible passages and keywords, Logos Sermons will show existing search terms below. Select them to add them to your search.

    Note: Generally speaking, when adding search terms, start broad (e.g., “1 John 3” rather than “1 John 3:22”). You can use different combinations in the search fields to limit or expand your results, but you will only see results that meet all of your search criteria. So, only include the necessary search terms. 

    Let's say that you plan to preach on giving this coming week. You might search for generosity, tithing, giving, or other terms.

    Thematic Outline Generosity

  3. Click Search all to display the most relevant results including a short summary, popular tags, and a thumbnail of the default media. You can sort your results in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. On the left side of the webpage, you can adjust the Kind, Media type, Tags, or Language to further narrow the search results.

    Characteristics of kingdom of God

  4. Select an outline to open the detailed view. From here you can read the key points and Scripture verses. You can download the full sermon outline in your preferred translation by clicking the download icon .

    Download Files

  5. The right panel shows media related to your topic.

    Related Media

  6. A synopsis of the biblical theme helps capture the essence of the biblical theme.

    Theme Synopsis

  7. A full thematic outline with Bible references displays below. You can copy and paste the text for use elsewhere.

    Sermon Notes

  8. To preview a passage, hover over the reference.

    Hover over verse

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