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You can automatically translate the text of your resources into more than a hundred languages from the Selection menu, opening up a whole new world of resources. This feature requires an internet connection.

Note: Available in packages Bronze and above.

Note: While this tool supports translation to/from over 100 modern languages plus Hebrew and Latin, it doesn’t support translation from modern Greek or from other ancient languages such as Greek, Aramaic, Coptic, and Syriac. (But you can translate any language to modern Greek.)

The translation feature is only available online and is subject to a monthly usage limit. You can view how much of your monthly limit is remaining by hovering over the wheel in the top right corner of the Translation panel.


Translate a Resource

Select any word or phrase to open the Selection menu. If the resource language is different from your preferred translation target language, a translation info card will show a preview.

Tap the Translate icon Translate Icon icon in the tools ribbon or the More button on the translation info card to open the full translation.

Translate From The Selection Menu

Note: Tap and drag the blue selection handles to decrease or increase your selection.

The resulting translation shows in your device’s default language. Tap the Copy icon Copy icon to copy the translated text to your clipboard.

Copy Translation


Select a language

By default, Logos translates your selection to your device’s default language, but you can select a different target language when needed. Tap the current language to open the language picker.

Open Language Picker


Search or scroll to find your desired target language. Tap it, and then tap Done.

Select A Language


Adjust Translation Settings

When showing the translation results, tap the Settings Icon Program Settings icon to adjust your translation settings.

Open Settings


Here, you can choose to:

  • Show or hide the translation cards in the Selection menu. Toggling off translation cards prevents Logos from automatically translating selected text, requiring you to tap the Translate icon Translate Icon icon to run a translation. This is particularly helpful if you are concerned about reaching your translation limit.
  • Change your default target translation language.

Translation Settings


Tap Done to secure your changes.

Note: You can also access the translation settings from the main Settings menu in the app. From the main menu, tap Settings > Translation Settings.

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