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The Bookstore search was introduced in Logos 10.1 and it provides an easy way for you to search resources in the Logos catalog that you don't own. From the search results, you are able to see a preview of the resource or proceed to purchase it.


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Running a Bookstore Search

Search Results

Using Search Operators


Running a Bookstore Search

To begin a Bookstore Search.

  1. Click the Search button in the toolbar.
  2. Ensure that the Bookstore search type is selected (Other search types available depend on your base package.)
  3. Logos provides several tools to help you formulate an effective query:
    • Search Helps (in the main search pane) provide basic guidance about how to construct your search.
    • Search Templates allow you to build a more complex search without having to use search syntax. Instead, select the kind of search you want to make, then enter your search terms in the dialog box that appears. Search Templates appear in the left navigation menu, which can be toggled on/off using the navigation menu icon .
  4. Type your search term and press Enter.
    Perform this search in Logos


Search Results

Search results show all the resources in the Logos catalog that you don't own with links to the occurrences of the search term. For the first result in the list, there are buttons to purchase the resource, find out more about it, or preview it.


For results further down the list, when you open the entry you will see highlighted results as well as an option to preview or learn more.


Click Preview to open a new tab showing a sample of the resource and an option to purchase.


Click Learn more at to open the resource's product description page in a browser.


Using Search Operators

You can use search operators to create more advanced searches. For example, if you'd like to find where two words appear close together in one of your documents, try typing word1 NEAR word2. Your search results will display every occurrence where the two words you entered are mentioned near each other.

Perform this search in Logos


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