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The Factbook Tags search provides an easy way to locate resources containing specific Factbook Tags.


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Run a Factbook Tags Search

Click Any Search Result to Open Factbook


Run a Factbook Tags Search

To begin a Factbook Search.

  1. Click the Search button in the toolbar.
  2. Ensure that the Factbook Tags search type is selected. (Other search types available depend on your base package.)
  3. The Search Helps (at the top of the main search pane) provide guidance on how to search for Factbook Tags.
  4. Begin entering your search term, and then select an option from the auto-completer menu. As stated in the search helps pane, you need to use keyword:value as a search term and not just a plain text string. Selecting the option from the dropdown menu will complete the search string and run the search.
  5. Alternatively, enter the complete search term manually and press Enter to run the search. 

Run this search in Logos


Click Any Search Result to Open Factbook

The search results show all resource entries containing the entered Factbook Tag. Expand a resource entry and click a result to open the resource to that location.



If you have the Factbook Visual Filter enabled, you can click any tagged entry to open the Factbook to the relevant article.



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