Unsupported Devices and Operating Systems

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Faithlife mobile apps are available on most iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

Like most companies, we track the device models and operating systems that our customers use to access Logos on their phones and tablets. Once the number of customers using an older operating system drops below a certain threshold, we can no longer ship updated versions of our apps to those devices. 

This means that if you are using an unsupported device, the Logos app may degrade in performance or cease to work over time. 

We always give advance notice before we drop a version. By the time we announce we're dropping support for a version, most users are using a supported device or operating system anyway. 

We're sorry if this happens to you. Thankfully, the cost of phones and devices continues to drop as mobile devices get faster and cheaper. There are also many refurbished models available which can be significantly cheaper than buying new. 

Click here for the Android and Kindle minimum supported operating systems.

Click here for the iOS minimum supported operating systems.

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